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Noble Trainers recommends the best cheats for the latest PC game releases so you have access to the best features to customize your game to your liking and play your way. Every cheat is packed with powerful features to augment your game-play.

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Download trainers for all your favorite games, with new titles being added daily!

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Get feature loaded cheats with tons of features and options to enhance your gaming experience.

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Game updates breaking your trainers? Not a problem. Frequent updates keep you in the game. 


Don't risk your PC's security by downloading cheats from shady websites or file-sharing sites.

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Get access to 11,000+ trainers through our free PC trainer manager. With nearly every new PC game supported, you'll never have to wonder if there are game cheats available for your favorite title. Every cheat can be easily updated through the trainer manager, making it easy to keep your cheats up to date!

Feature Rich PC Cheats

Get access to every feature you could want to customize your gaming experience, from god mode, to unlimited money, infinite ammo, character stats editing, and much more.

 The cheats available for each specific game will depend on the type of game and which types of options are possible.

Frequently Updated Trainers

Noble PC trainers are updated as needed for each game update, so you always have a working trainer ready to go.

There's nothing worse than having to look around online for a new trainer after a game update broke the options from the old one, and potentially not having access to the same game cheating options in the new one! Our trainers have a team supporting them to ensure they're always updated.

Safe & Secure Downloads

Don't risk the safety and security of your PC by downloading trainers from random sites that you've never heard of before. Noble Cheats are completely safe to use on your PC so you have peace of mind. Not only that, but every trainer can be downloaded and updated through our secure manager so you don't even have to open the website!

  • Download all of your trainers from one website. Why risk your PC's security by downloading software from multiple different websites, many of which accept user submissions which may not be checked for safety.
  • Secure downloads through the trainer manager. Downloading new cheats and keeping your existing ones up to date has never been easier. Download cheats for new titles or update them with a single click.

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Good Trainers, good Options, good Support. Much trainers

Its expensive yes, but the best site for Trainers.

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Best trainer site PERIOD!

Great site! I've been with them for about a year maybe. Trainers are always updated ASAP and the community is very helpful.

If you have lots of games or a single game and want a trusted trainer and amazing features, these guys are the ones to go to.

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