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What Is CheatHappens?

This is one of the best known and long-standing trainer websites on the internet. Since 2001, the team at Cheat Happens has been developing and releasing PC cheats for games, building an incredible community and team that now releases new trainers on a daily basis, and updates multiple trainers every day.

They are now one of the biggest providers of trainers on the internet with almost every new PC game released supported, and over 50,000 downloads from their website daily. If you haven't signed up with them yet, you're missing out.

Trainer Features

When we look at the range of features offered in a cheat, we're ideally looking to see a wide range of features that give you multiple ways to play and enhance your game. Most people only want to use a few features in a trainer, but if the option they are looking for isn't available to them, they're not going to get much use out of a cheat.

We're pleased to report that CheatHappens offers a wide range of features in most of their trainers, very ofter 15+. These can range from the most common hacks like 'infinite health', 'infinite gold', 'editing EXP', and 'one-hit-kills', to more advanced and uncommon features like teleporting back to a saved point or editing your character's items and stats.

CheatHappens also supports many smaller games and early access titles on steam. With these, there may be fewer features due to the game's very frequent updates and less interest in smaller titles, but typically if a game ends up turning out to be a good game and gains a larger audience, then they'll add more features to the cheat per the community's requests.

Frequent Trainer Updates

One of the frustrating things about using trainers with your games is when a big game update releases and your features no longer work. Then you have to go and find an updated trainer or look for a new one that's compatible with the latest game version. With CheatHappens, they've solved this problem with their trainer manager, which lets you download trainers to your PC, and update them with a single click when an update becomes available. The team here is also very good about updating trainers, and since they have an actual staff working on supporting their software, there are frequent updates so you don't get stuck without working cheats.

Instructions & Support

Making it easy to cheat in games is another area where CheatHappens excels. When you download a trainer, not only does it include a helpful 'read-me' file listing instructions and an explanation for each feature, but these instructions are also included in the trainer itself when it's open, so you can easily see which button activates a feature, or what that feature does. Many of the trainers also have a video demonstration of the features, so if you aren't quite sure how a feature is supposed to work you can watch this video on their site to get a quick idea.

Each trainer on CheatHappens also has its own board, where people can ask for help, request features, or share tips on the game in question. This is another big perk of CheatHappens since sometimes you can find out some really useful information on a game, or get clarification on a problem you run into.

Membership & Pricing

The 'catch' with CheatHappens versus the old-school trainer sites is that they require a paid membership to access their trainers. When I originally heard about this site it seemed silly to me to pay for trainers. However, after a while, I started to get tired of having to look online for trainers, then find that they were out of date. I didn't want my computer to get infected with a virus which is always a risk when downloading a random executable online from an unknown source. I opted for a lifetime CheatHappens membership, and it was a great choice looking back. I now have access to a trainer for just about any new game that comes out, and they're pretty much always up to date whenever a new game DLC or update releases.

CheatHappens offers a number of different subscriptions, from a 1-month membership to 1-year and lifetime. If you aren't sure whether this is the site for you, you could try a 1-month membership, but I'd highly recommend upgrading to lifetime as soon as possible since it's a great value after you've been using it for a couple of years. I'm only upset I didn't join earlier than I did.

Virtual Reality Gaming Support

Support for VR games was something that was recently added to CheatHappens, showing that they're looking forward to the future and not content to rest on their laurels. If you're playing titles like Fallout VR or Borderlands 2 VR, it's nice to have access to a trainer that works in VR to give you access to the same cheats you might have used in the regular PC versions.

Review Summary

In conclusion, we found that CheatHappens is a top choice for trainers. They support pretty much all of the notable new titles released with feature packed trainers. Their software is easy to use, with help available through the game specific boards if you run into problems. While they do require a membership, the lifetime option is a great value over the long-term, and the perks of easy access to trainer downloads for any game you're playing make it well worth it in our opinion. Signup Here.

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