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Searching the web every time you want to download a trainer for a new game can be acceptable at first, but pretty quickly you're going to want to find a source that offers trainers for all the games you play, to simplify and speed up the process of getting cheats for a new game. Is WeMod the way to go? Find out below.

What WeMod Features Are We Reviewing

We've heard a lot about WeMod in the past couple of years, and they seemed to come out of nowhere. Their offer certainly seems promising, a software client that lets you cheat in many games with a ‘massive game mod library' as they describe it.

Here are some of the features we'll take a look at:

  • Hundreds of games to mod – WeMod advertises having a big library of games supported
  • Ease of Use – Automatic game detection and scanning your PC for supported titles make it easy to get started using their cheats.
  • Easy to use controls – Their application makes it easy to enable and configure cheats with mouse support
  • Game Request System – The community can request new cheats from the community to give them a higher priority

Using Their Trainers

The process of using WeMod's software is pretty straight forward. Their application acts a lot like GeForce Experience, or a mod manager. It scans your library of games and detects them, so it knows which game is running at any given time and can enable the cheats available for that game. Whether you are comfortable with their software running on your computer all the time and scanning your files is another question.

The software offers interactive controls for their trainers, but this requires their Pro membership. The regular controls are good enough, so you don't necessarily need this membership.

While the WeMod application is good, the features offered in the cheats can be a bit lacking. For instance, the high bar for cheat trainers, CheatHappens has a Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat with 24+ features included. At WeMod at the time of this writing, the trainer provided is from MrAntiFun and includes just 12 features. Furthermore, the last update for this trainer seems to have been released on November 24th on WeMod, versus December 20th on CheatHappens (At the time of this writing).


Lack Of Support For New Titles

Another area where we were disappointed with WeMod was in the breadth of titles supported or the number of overall cheats offered. They advertise 874 games which seems like a lot until you realize that there are tens of thousands of games out there. Over 9,000 released on steam in 2018, and I am sure the numbers have only increased since.

This is likely fine as long as you only play the biggest game releases, but if you want trainers for any smaller or not as well known titles or games on steam early-access, you may be left wanting. Doing some research I found multiple games supported on other trainer providers that were not available on WeMod. An example was ‘Disco Elysium' which has been a huge hit and was named RPG of the year at ‘The Game Awards 2019' but is nowhere to be found on WeMod at the time of this writing. If you are planning on using one source for your trainers, WeMod may not be the best choice at this time.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy To Use – WeMod's software makes it easy to get started by scanning your PC for supported games
  • No Upfront Cost – You can use WeMod without paying, though some features are kept behind a ‘Pro' membership
  • Community Features – Request new trainers, and discuss individual trainers on their community boards.


  • Limited Game Support – Some titles are not supported by WeMod and they have a smaller catalog than other sites, meaning you'll have to look elsewhere for cheats
  • Lack Of Features – Many trainers do not have as many features as the top trainer providers, so you may not have access to the cheats you want.
  • Frequency of Updates – We have concerns about the frequency of updates for trainers, possibly leaving you unable to use a cheat if there aren't enough community requests for an update. WeMod removed their ‘Update Protection' feature a while back which was supposed to prevent this issue.

Bottom Line

In the end, we found some pros, like their automatic game library detection which is is very convenient. That said based on the cons we found, we have our concerns over trying to use WeMod as your go-to website for all your trainer needs. Read our CheatHappens review to see our our gold standard for trainers.

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